Monday, April 12, 2010

Unity Village: Phase 3: Modeling

Two bedrooms in around 900 square feet isn't easy. I live in a one bedroom apartment that is 900 square feet and I often wish it was a tad bit bigger! The space becomes even more tight when trying to allow someone in a wheelchair to have adequate room to maneuver easily. After playing around with fun curved walls and knowing where rooms and spaces should lie (for example, I really wanted both bedrooms to have equally easy access to the bathroom), I came up with this floor plan.

Unity Village Apartment Floor Plan?

I then set about creating three models to get out some more ideas. The concept for the space has to be carried over from the previous phase of the project- Chaos and Order. I have decided that the chaos needs to happen on the ceiling, since chaos on the floor probably isn't the best thing for someone in a wheelchair- or even someone walking! The pieces of wood hanging down are an idea to create something chaotic, engage the ceiling, and define the living space from the kitchen/dining space.

thinking about book display in the living room
all books would be easily accessible by the resident.

the kitchen area
i want to leave most of the space under the counters open so that the resident can easily wheel under the counters. he eats out most of the time, so a lot of storage space isn't needed.


in this image you can see one way i have thought about engaging the ceiling.



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