Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photoshop Fun!

I think that Photoshop is the best thing since sliced bread. While I'm against processing every photo you take, it can take blemishes off of faces and shave a few pounds of of you in that photo your friend took. And of course, it can correct blemishes in your drawings too- as well as allow you to quickly see more color options in the drawing.

For this drawing, I manipulated some colors and used the dodge and burn tools.

On this one I made the stairs white as well as some other color adjustments and tried to add more light and shadows through dodge and burn.

For this drawing, I did something a little different. I change the scan to completely black and white, then put the brush tool on multiply and colored in from scratch.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Illustrated Comparison

For this Illustrated Comparison I chose marquetry as an interior detail. Though having the same name, Intarisa marquetry and Boulle marquetry have different processes and very different effects.


Book Fair

Greg Hickman, Clairissa Anderson, and I read the book Eat Where You Live, which explains how to find local food, as well as store it and enjoy it!

During the bookfair I was reminded just how many harmful things, or things that we don't know how they will effect us, are put in our food. Antibiotics in food are making us sicker, and immune to them when we need them in times of illness. Steroids are changing the shape of the human form. Even organic-labeled foods often come with a hefty pricetag for the environment- hundreds, or even thousands, of miles burning fossil fuels. These concerns underline the manifesto of the slow food movement- to know where your food comes from and to involve yourself in the process of making it.